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love is infinite


I believe in God, i believe in Gods power. As long as GOD is the head of my life I don't have to worry about what's behind me.

ingredients of my attitude: im a little bit half crazy woman :)) sarcastic to those stupid people out there, im certified MELODRAMATIC, IM INLOVE AND LOVED i believe in my own power when it comes to love. im lovable swear :P but make sure to be good.


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Time goes by, it’s already week if I’m not mistaken.

There was a guy that ever since I can’t get rid out of my mind.

I don’t know why our memories keep on flashing back on my mind.

I remember him the way he annoys me, the way he talked to me,

The way he laughs, the way he hug me, the way how he cuddles me when I’m not on the mood.

I remember how he took good care of me, as well as how he gets mad at me every time I forgot to do what he advice me to do. Should I say I missed him or I missed US?

To be honest, I tried to talk to him visit him at home I tried it several times.

But then I realize maybe his happy at this moment, where in a girl like me is no longer part of his life.

p.s i missed him so bad L

"there are so many people who keeps on talking shits behind your back."

to my all mighty GOD, thank you for granting my long time wished i know talagang GOD never been too late :) i have so many reasons na dapat ipag pasalamat sa inyo ngayong month at sa mga susunod pa. LORD thank you for giving me the opportunities na makakilala ng mga bagong tao you made me realize na family is getting stronger when they always bond to each other. they are so awesome and i love them. THANK YOU po kasi tinest nyo na naman ako :) yeah i know i cried but then again thank you for making me feel special in the arms of that person :) and can you also please tell to him that im not mad alam ko naman na mababasa niya to kasi lagi naman niyang binabasa post ko at bigla nalang siyang tatawa kasi nga binabasa niya na to. (i know you!) thank you my one and only GOD for making me realize that my hard work and sacrifices for my beloved family are now become worth it. thank you for making me strong and patience i so love them just like the way that i love you. p.s please take care of them. thank you lord i know there are people that will come and go, people that will just walk into my life, though they mean so much to me tanggap ko na lahat ng nangyari those memories? they just made me stronger :) a happy kid with a smiling face will always be a happy kid. thank you LORD for fixing my life :) that’s the best gift ever and super thank you for granting my long time wish to travel AROUND THE WORLD ! I LOVE YOU GOD :)) okay na po ako ipupush ko na po to alam ko naman na kahit ano pang piliin ko nandiyan kayo para iguide ako. :)))) p.s promise i wont cry :) hindi din ako mag tatanim ng galit sa ibang tao. DELETE MEMORIES. SMILE . MOVE ON. BE BRAVE .

i was sitting in the corner of our house, doing nothing when my mom came in front of me. i didn’t notice until she caught my attention.

MOM: sweet heart are you okay?

ME: yup I’m fine why?

MOM: you look so tired.

ME: no I’m not, its just that i woke up early , I’m just sleepy.

MOM: look sweet heart, i know you, i know how strong you are as a girl, i know how big your sacrifices, i know what you’ve done. you may fake your smile but not your feelings. you keep on showing your sweet smile because i know you don’t want us to be worried but your just human. masasaktan at masasaktan ka kahit gano mo pa ilayo yung sarili mo.

(me crying)

ME: I’m tired of being with other people, I’m tired of being me. I’m tired of being disappointed. i’m tired of getting hurt.

(MOM she just hug me so tight.)

MOM: just give your self a break. if its causing you too much pain then let it go.

i never cried in front of my family, they never saw me sad or hopeless. God made me realize that family would always be there for me. i was very surprise and shock when my mom talked to me that way.


"don’t let other people DEFINE YOU."

TRUST: : belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. (C) GOOGLE.

lahat tayo marunong mag tiwala. Lahat tayo may pinag kakatiwalaan.pero lahat ba tayo nakaranas na mafailed? failed in such as a way na yung taong pinag kakatiwalaan mo eh mag duda sayo.

DUDA: yun yung nag hihinala tayo sa isang tao.

BINTANG: yun yung kapag may nalaman sila hindi na nila kayang makinig sa mga paliwanag mo kasi para sa kanila mali ka na kaagad.

what if yung person na pinag kakatiwalaan mo ng sobra eh mag duda sayo  at nagawa ka na nyang pag bintangan? diba masasaktan ka? sinubukan mong mag paliwanag sa kanya but it seems like he doesn’t care kung anong paliwanag mo.

why do we need to explain our side to a person if that person doesn’t want to listen to you. it doesn’t make sense diba? sabi nila MAKIKILALA MO ANG TAO KAPAG NAKASAMA MO NA SiYA. kapag nakilala mo sIya diba ibig sabihin nun alam mo na ugali niya? kilala mo na kung sino siya. ibig sabihin nun alam mo sa sarili mo kung anong klaseng tao siya.

hindi naman masakit yung nangyari eh, yung masakit eh yung mga salitang binitawan niya sayo na kahit ikaw sa sarili mo gusto mo kalimutan pero alam mong IMPOSIBLE, KASI HINDI NAMAN TAYO NAKAKALIMOT. isa pa sa pinaka masakit eh OF ALL PEOPLE NA PINAG KATIWALAAN MO NG SOBRA EH NAGAWANG ISIPIN YUN SAYO.

sana kaya kong kalimutan. sana kaya ko pa mag patawad kasi importante siya eh. SANA, SANA KAYA PA.


trust your own words, trust yourself, never try to convince a person who already judge you. DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE DEFINE YOU. TRUST NO ONE.


I made all of them using my effort and love, then wala lang sayo?



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