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"there are so many people who keeps on talking shits behind your back."

"don’t let other people DEFINE YOU."


I made all of them using my effort and love, then wala lang sayo?



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whats my song? whats my story?


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stand for your own !


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so there.

Before i was a daughter
Then a sister
Then a  playmate
Then a simple student
Then a high school student
Then a teenager
Then a friend
Then a best friend
Then an enemy
Then a college atudent
Then a scholar
Then a lover
Then a tita
Then an agent
Then a bread winner
Then a person paying bills
Then an ate paying tuition fee for her brother.
Then a teenager who doesnt want to depent on her parents.
A girl who always believe that she can do everything using her own hard work.

Then who am i after a year? What would i be?

P.s i will be who i want to be no matter what !


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yummy :)))))))))